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Are you confused about what types of water damage is covered under a home insurance policy.  In Florida, your policy may cover items that are not covered in other states.  With so many residents coming from other states there are covered claims not being made because the homeowner doesn’t know it is covered.  Most homeowners know that storm damage is covered What All Home Owners Need To Know Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067 but what if there wasn’t a storm?

Often we see homes with damage that would be covered but the owners did not know and could not afford to fix it so it went unrepaired and causes further damage.  For example some policies cover appliance failure, that means if your dishwasher breaks, your toilet overflows, but also if your A/C leaks in Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067 your attic and damages your ceilings or your water pipe in the wall springs a leak.  Yes these things are often covered in florida but may not be in other states.  This is where you look to see if you have a HO3 or HO2 policy.  Most florida policies are HO3.

Homeowners should never use the word flooded when talking to DIY Mold Home Removal Tips Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067 their agents unless you are sure you have the flood insurance added which some homeowner policies in florida have but in general flood insurance is purchased separately.  Use the term water damage whenever possible.  It may sound trivial but it is the difference between accidental and intentional.  You would never use those words interchangeably so don’t use the word flood Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067 when you mean water damage.

Also should your toilet supply line malfunction and begin flowing water continuously many homes in Florida are on septic and this flowing water will fill your septic before you notice it running out of you toilet.  Do not use the words septic overflowed or septic backed up, just leave out the word septic altogether because your Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067 policy does not cover septic malfunctions.  The original cause is the toilet supply line so you must not confuse  your insurance company by saying your septic backed up and there is sewage water all over your house.

If you call a water remediation company and they have Carpet Cleaning in their name be sure they don’t destroy your carpets and actually Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067 clean them because the bill to the insurance company will say you paid to have carpets cleaned.  Sounds stupid doesn’t it but it happens and your new carpets will not get replaced even if the water cleanup crew cut up your carpets and pads in the remediation process.  You will end up arguing the obvious so just avoid using a carpet cleaning company Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067 in your water removal and cleanup.

Another word is mold.  Mold is always in your home and if it contained in a 10 foot radius it is not the real issue.  The cause of the mold is the real issue.  Many homeowners remodel their bathrooms and don’t pay attention to venting the shower steam.  It is mandatory for all bathrooms to have a Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067 vent or a window to vent out  the moisture.  Sealing these up and tiling the entire room can lead to mold behind the tile and eventually throughout a nearby room.  If the inspector determines the lack of a vent to be the cause it is likely not covered and you will have to install a vent and have your home gassed to lower the Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067 mold count. 

Many homeowners don’t know these little things that could get your claim denied.  The best offense is a good defense so contact a trusted contractor.  A good insurance contractor will bill the insurance company directly and be able to do a detailed claims analysis.

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